Here are our frequently asked questions. Please have a look below to see if this answers your questions. If not, please send us a message here.

Each Couchmate is hand made to your couch arm width and we have made a ‘how to measure‘ video to ensure perfect fit

Yes, of course. Look at the ‘how to measure’ video to learn how to measure your couch

Couchmates are hand-made from the highest quality materials available in Hobart Tasmania by Oakdale industries. Oakdale Industries are Tasmania’s largest non-for profit employer of the intellectually disabled

Couchmates are hand-made. Naturally crafting takes time, so please allow up to 7-14 days for completion. We will send your Couchmate bubble wrapped inside a red 5kg satchel and send you a handy tracking number

Our clever shopping cart combines postage for you! This means you can fit two Couchmates into one satchel saving you money

Still not convinced? We had a family use one for 24 hours. Check out what they did with it here

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